Hizle Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of brands of China's HuaJia Technology Group. It specializes in the design, development and sale of intelligent maternal and child products for early children, especially for children to develop interest in learning and promote children's learning abilities. Comprehensive training in children's learning ability, to help children develop interest in learning, development potential, while adhering to the warm, soft, stylish, natural and comfortable international design concepts, grasp the latest international trends in maternal and child product design. Hizle Industrial Co. Ltd will always adheres to a spirit of "specialization, internationalization" to continuously make Hizle stronger, more refined and banded. Meanwhile, Hizle Industrial Co. Ltd, relying on favorable conditions Hua Jia Technology Enterprise Group complementary resources, to meet comprehensive development of international and domestic intelligence educational toys, baby products market, with our ongoing efforts, to make “Hizle” into a global brand.

Intelligent “Hizle” make children a happier growing!